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Discount Closures

Discount Closures
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Super low prices on our Discount Closures and they go with the Bundles. These Closures have a 4”x4” Lace Base and come in 14" & 18” lengths. Your stylists can customize it for you. We have bundles & closures in the Discount Collection. No Frontals. Read more..

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Discount Bundles & Closures.

Discount Bundles are an inexpensive solution for your short-term install. Our Discount Bundles are perfect for any install that you need to last for only a few months.

Closures to match your Discount Bundles.

When you add a closure to match your Discount Bundle purchase. You’ll receive a closure that match the same texture and color as your bundles.

Discount Closures in 14” & 16” lengths.

It’s a standard 4”x4” lace closure. The lengths are available in 14” and 16”. The lace color is medium brown. Your stylist should be able to customize the lace and lighten or darken it for you.

Frontals for the Discount Collection?

Our Discount Collection offers only bundles and closures. Frontals are not available for the Discount Collection. If you need a frontal then please search our Classy Cix Collection or Raw Extra Virgin Collection product lines.

Perfect bundle size.

Each weft bundle weighs about 3.2 to 3.5 ounces. It’s is a normal size bundle. Remember, the longer the hair length then the shorter the weft length. All of our bundles weigh about the same no matter how long or short the hair is.

Discount Bundle lengths 12” to 22”.

Discount bundles are available in lengths from 12” to 22”. If you need longer length hair, please search our Classy Cix Collection or Raw Extra Virgin Collection.

Black color.

Discount bundles and closures come in a #1B Black color. During processing, this naturally dark color hair is colored to the darkest black color tone.

How many bundles do I need?

Most people use 3 bundles. If you want a shorter hairstyle that’s between 12” and 16” then you can probably get away with using 2 bundles. For styles longer than 16” we recommend 3 or 4 bundles. The Discount Bundles longest length available is 22”.

Coloring Discount Bundles and Closure.

Discount bundles can be colored but please do it carefully. We recommend lightening to only about two shades lighter when using our Discount Bundles. If you’re trying to go platinum blonde then we recommend using our Classy Cix Collection or Raw Extra Virgin Collection.

We recommend using only a 15 Volume Developer or less when processing your Discount Bundles. Lightening the hair is a process that may take several phases. Please do not use a 40 Volume Developer and try to take a Discount Bundle from #1B Dark all the way to Platinum in one setting. The chances are high that the hair will become over processed. Please seek an experienced, professional colorist when bleaching and coloring your hair.

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Promo Codes posted on Instagram page
Free shipping on orders $150 or more