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Discount Bundle Collection

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Classy Cix Collection

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Raw Extra Virgin Collection

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Beautiful natural color.

Discover our most beautiful darkish brown hair color and do it naturally. This hair is pretty without using black hair dye or color infuses found in your local Chinese hair store. Our Elite RAW Extra Virgin Collection is long-lasting with a flattering dark tones. This beautiful color is equal to #1B (dark) and blackish-brown from root-to-tip. Make a noticeable statement with this natural hair color you can fall in love with.

Easily color your hair.

This Collection is perfect for anyone with the blonde ambitions. You can lighten your look with platinum blonde hair but afterwards give your hair the time and dedication it needs. Bleach blonde is not a hair trend for the lax. The bleaching process stresses all hair. To help repair processing damage and restore shine and silkiness, condition gently and often, pat dry with a towel and use a wide tooth comb. Schedule a hair color consultation with your professional hair stylist. A professional will do a strand test to ensure they can get your desired results without damaging it. Most professional stylists recommend only lightening hair up to 4 levels because anything more can cause damage to any real hair. This hair can lift to #613 but use anything stronger than 20 volume developer and don’t use heat to dry the hair after bleaching. Be sure to keep processed and color treated hair well conditioned and moisturized weekly. Now you can color with confidence!

Perfect bundle size. Not overly bulky, but not too thin.

Each weft bundle weighs about 3.5 ounces. It’s is a normal size bundle. Remember, the longer the hair length then the shorter the weft length. All of our bundles weigh about the same no matter how long or short the hair is. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your purchase or we’ll accept your returned items for a full refund. Yes, you can return your purchase with us! Learn more

3, 4 or 5 bundles?

Most people use 3 bundles. If you want a shorter hairstyle that’s between 12” and 16” then you can get away with using 2 bundles. For styles longer than 16” we recommend 3 or 4 bundles. If you’re going for a big hair look that’s overly long (+26”) then we say use at least 4 bundles or maybe 5 depending on the style.

Closures and frontals to match your weft bundles.

When you add closure or frontal to your bundle purchase, you’ll receive a closure or frontal that very closely matches the same texture and color as your bundles. We’ll pair up your bundles with a closure or frontal so the textures and colors blend nicely when it’s all put together. No worries.

Minimal shedding & tangling with proper treatment.

This hair won’t shed or tangle if you take care of it. Your virgin hair will behave well if you shampoo and condition it weekly; just like you would any natural hair. After a week of hot irons, hair spray and blow dryers, you want to clean your scalp and hair with quality shampoos, then put moisture back into the extensions by conditioning to give it strength. Deep condition your hair extensions once a month too. You’ll notice a big different afterwards and your Brazilian curls will thank you for it. If you see hair in your brush it’s probably not from shedding at the weft because our wefts are sealed pretty darn good, but you might see some limited shedding. It’s okay, that’s normal. Loose hair might also be from breakage. To help prevent tangling and breakage, use a silk bonnet every time you lay down, and make sure you have a silk pillowcase too.

What size are these frontals?

The Elite RAW frontals are 16” in length with a 13”x6” medium brown lace base. Your professional stylist can customize the hairline for you, if desired. Your frontal texture is hand-selected so it closely matches the same texture and color as your chosen bundles. Your frontal will blend perfectly with your bundles with no worries.

What kind of closure is this?

It’s a standard 4”x4” lace closure and the hair is 16 inches long. The lace color is medium brown. Your stylist should be able to customize it and lighten or darken it for you. We have some amazingly beautiful custom closures and frontals that our stylist makes now but we can’t produce them fast enough to fulfill all of your orders online. But don’t worry, we’re ramping up production so the custom closures and frontals will be available to you very soon. Please check back with us for these custom products and availability.

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Promo Codes posted on Instagram page
Free shipping on orders $150 or more