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Raw Extra Virgin Bundles

Raw Extra Virgin Bundles
Raw Extra Virgin Bundles
Raw Extra Virgin Bundles
Raw Extra Virgin Bundles
Raw Extra Virgin Bundles
Raw Extra Virgin Bundles
Raw Extra Virgin Bundles
Raw Extra Virgin Bundles
Raw Extra Virgin Bundles
Raw Extra Virgin Bundles
Raw Extra Virgin Bundles
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Being beautiful is more than how you look – it’s how you feel. And once you feel these natural hair extensions as you run your fingers through your tresses, you’ll know you’re stunning through and through. Elite Raw Extra Virgin extensions are simply the Read more..

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The Extra Virgin Raw textures

No bundle is exactly the same. Each bundle comes from a different hair donor so not any two bundles are exactly the same. Your bundles, frontals and closures will blend perfectly although each curl pattern is slightly different.

Most people wear our Raw virgin hair as-is. However, if you want to slay and color, you may want to trim or razor the ends.

Natural Straight texture

This natural straight texture is just that; pure and natural. This totally unprocessed natural straight hair usually has a slight wave. The waviness isn’t as exaggerated as a body wave pattern but it may not be bone-straight either. Depending on lengths, expect this natural straight texture to have a slight wave. The longer the hair, the more noticeable the wave may be. The natural straight texture can be flat-ironed and silk-pressed to shinny bone-straight or curled it and style very easily.

Natural Wavy Curl texture

The longer the hair, the more wavy it will be. This is totally unprocessed, untouched virgin hair. We often say, the longer the hair length, the looser the curl. 12”-18” lengths will have a tighter curl pattern then a 30” bundle. Shorter hair weights less making it more buoyant. Heavier, longer hair weights down natural curls which loosens the curl pattern making the hair appear more wavy. That’s just the way true Raw virgin hair works.

Super Curl texture

Steam-pressed for a super curl texture. This is our most popular line. We take a natural curly texture and apply a steam-press curl on it to amplify its natural curls. It’s absolutely amazing looking hair.

Perfect bundle size. Not overly bulky, but not too thin.

Each weft bundle weighs between 3.2 and 3.5 ounces. It’s a normal size bundle. All of our bundles weigh about the same no matter how long or short the hair is.

Closures and frontals to match your bundles.

You’ll receive a closure or frontal that very closely matches the same Natural Straight, Wavy-Curly or Super Curl texture and color as your Raw Extra Virgin bundles.

What size are these frontals?

The Raw Extra Virgin Collection's frontals come in 18” lengths with a 13” x 6” medium brown lace base. Your professional stylist should be able to easily customize your frontal hairline and tent the lace color, although its not needed of most hairstyles. Frontal textures are available in Brazilian Body Wave and Brazilian Curly steam-pressed hair pattern so they will identically match the same texture and color as your chosen bundles. Your frontal will blend perfectly with your bundles with no worries.

What kind of closure is this?

It’s a standard 4”x4” lace closure with a 16” hair length. The lace color is medium brown. Your stylist will able to customize it and lighten or darken it for you.

3, 4 or 5 bundles?

Most people use 3 bundles. If you want a shorter hairstyle that’s between 12” and 16” then you can get away with using 2 bundles. For styles longer than 16” we recommend 3 or 4 bundles. If you’re going for big hair look that’s super long, then we suggest 4 bundles or maybe 5 depending on your preferred style.

Soft naturally dark hair.

The color varies, as it should! It’s how you know for a fact we use real hair from a single donor. Longer lengths mean older hair at the bottom that has been exposed to more sunlight, and younger (possibly darker) hair at the roots. These irregularities add to the texture, body and natural look that we are known for.

Your best hair color.

Our Classy Cix Collection delivers a beautiful black hair color. But you can color this collection safely, without worry. Always have your experienced professional colorist do a color test to make sure you’ll get the desired results. After coloring, use a moisture-rich conditioner designed for color treated hair to help leave your hair looking better and keep your new color vibrant. Our stylists use an Argan oil from Morocco and it always leaves our extensions soft and luminous. A careful shampoo and deep conditioner will leave your hair looking great but make sure that your shampoo doesn’t wash out your new color. Wash your extensions with products are made for color-treated hair. Some shampoos will strip and dull your new hair color.

Deep condition once a week.

Some hair will need more deep conditioning than others. We recommend regular deep conditioning if you use heat tools, have color-treated hair or go swimming.

Deep conditioners have special ingredients that penetrate hair strands and temporarily repair and nourish hair cuticles. Deep conditioners need to be left on hair for at least 45 minutes so the penetrating oils can cut down frizz and dryness.

Deep condition Elite Raw Extra Virgin hair extensions once or twice a week. That is usually enough. If your hair appears spongy or droopy and you’re deep conditioning more than once a week, reduce your deep condition to once every 7 - 10 days.

Deep conditioners provide moisture, repair chemical damage from bleach and color and will make detangling a lot easier.

Elite Raw Extra Virgin Collection is totally raw, unprocessed virgin hair. It must be deep conditioned weekly.

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